‎ViennaCC produce música pop y rock para bailar. Importantes para él son las melodías para cantar junto con. La letra en inglés de la canción está influenciada por su mentalidad positiva. Y sorpréndete con el sonido de cada canción. Para producir en su propio estudio es libre de realizar cualquier arreglo, desde acústico hasta rock […]

The Boogey Woogey Man

Marla Lewis, cantante y compositora nacida en Nueva Jersey, creció escuchando a Ella Fitzgerald, Big Band, música folclórica de todo el mundo, the Beatles, Laura Nyro, Carole King, James Taylor, Michael Franks y Phoebe Snow, por nombrar algunos. ‎‎ ‎‎Durante veinte años como maestra de escuela primaria, comenzó a escribir canciones educativas y divertidas para […]

Can’t Stop – Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and performer who started out playing guitar in Chris Daughtry’s first band. He has already made a strong impact on the music industry with his previous releases. His first single, Money or Me, was produced by Armando Guarnera and earned him a nomination at the 2013 EOTM Awards, […]

AV Super Sunshine ‘Frankenstein’

AV Super Sunshine’s new song ‘Frankenstein’ is a monster track created as an unorthodox musical experiment, much like that funky creature from Mary Shelly’s classic novel of the same name. The opening lines “I am your Gaga, but not the radio kind” are both a reference to the classic Queen song and a shout out […]

Norm Adams and Julia Robertson

  Adult R&B’s favorite duo, Norm Adams and Julia Robertson, are calling it quits…on their latest release, “Over”, impacting radio NOW. “Over” is the story of a romantic relationship at a crossroads. As all the signs point to an inevitable end, neither person can bring themselves to fully accept the reality that things between them are changing.  In their […]

PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel

Independent Artist Christian Music Association-winning singer, rapper, songwriter Ashante P.T. Stokes aka PTtheGospelSpitter started as a backing vocalist in R&B and Hip Hop and has gone on to become a rising gospel artist. Who Is PTtheGospelSpitter? PT entered the Nashville-based Gospel Music Association’s IMMERSE competition in 2010 and made it through the semifinals using his […]

John Dartnell

John Dartnell John is English born and bred and has been playing music most of his life. He had a brief spell away from music and in that time did some acting work which included a small role in one of the Harry Potter movies, he also made an appearance in Sherlock Holmes 2, plus […]

Stephen Wrench

STEPHEN WRENCH Songwriter / Composer / Lyricist / Producer / Guitarist There is literally not a single avenue of the Entertainment Industry that Stephen has not been involved with including as a producer and singer/songwriter with worldwide charting. Stephen has worked with some of the most creative artists on the planet. Here is a partial […]

Kiara Chettri

Kiara Chettri is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter from India. She has been releasing music since the age of 15 and loves music from all genres. Her favourite artists are Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Coldplay and many more. Kiara plays the drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, ukulele and she sings. She writes her own lyrics and […]